HR Coaching

Cobra Elevate

A dedicated coaching service designed to nurture remote talent. We believe in empowering professionals to excel in the global digital marketplace, and Elevate is our commitment to that growth.

Individual Coaching Sessions

We work with the companies you want to work with, and we know what they are looking for in a candidate. Receive one-on-one guidance focused on your unique career aspirations.

Transform your resume

Elevate your career prospects with a resume that stands out. Let's craft a narrative that showcases your unique skills and experiences.

Enhance your Linkedin profile

Make a lasting impression in the digital professional world. We'll help you create a LinkedIn profile that truly reflects your professional journey and ambitions.

Who we work with

Developers Project managers QA engineers UX-UI designers Copywriters Creative directors Account managers Designers Virtual assistants Accountants Customer support

Benefits of Cobra Elevate

Higher Earning Potential

By enhancing your professional presentation and skills, you become a more attractive candidate for higher-paying roles.

Increased Job Opportunities

A polished resume and LinkedIn profile can open doors to more job opportunities, including those in sought-after companies and industries.

Better Job Matches

Tailored coaching helps align your professional presentation with roles that best match your skills and career aspirations.

Enhanced Interview Skills

With better preparation, you'll be able to impress in interviews, increasing your chances of job success.

Career Progression

With advanced skills and an improved professional profile, you're better positioned to advance in your current career or pivot to a new one.

Increased Marketability

Become more marketable in a competitive job market, standing out from other candidates.

Professional Confidence

Gain confidence in your professional abilities and how you present them to the world.

Long-Term Career Success

Equip yourself with tools and strategies for continued professional development and success throughout your career.

Success stories

Joining Cobra Elevate was a game-changer for me. After working as a developer for five years, I was ready for a remote role but couldn't find a way to get international companies to notice me. The Elevate team not only perfected my LinkedIn and resume to highlight my remote work skills but also guided me through the headaches of applying to global tech companies. Within two months, I landed my dream job at an international startup. The confidence and clarity I gained through this process were invaluable.

Carlos Rodríguez

As a graphic designer, my portfolio speaks for me, but Cobra Elevate taught me that a strong resume and LinkedIn profile are just as crucial. Their personalized approach helped me articulate my design philosophy and achievements perfectly. Thanks to Cobra, I now have a professional brand that truly represents my creativity and expertise.

Isabella Gómez

Transitioning from freelance writing to a full-time content strategy role seemed daunting until I found Cobra Elevate. The coaching sessions provided me with not only a strong resume but also insights into industry trends and interview tactics. Their support helped me secure a position at a leading marketing agency. I'm grateful for their guidance and encouragement.

Javier Morales

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  • 1. What is Cobra Elevate and how is it tailored to individual needs?
    Cobra Elevate is a coaching program offering both a standard package for professional enhancement and personalized options tailored to individual career goals. It focuses on improving resumes and LinkedIn profiles, alongside career guidance and interview preparation.
  • 2. Who is the ideal candidate for the Cobra Elevate program?
    The program is ideal for professionals seeking to refine their professional presentation, transition to remote work, or receive personalized career guidance, especially beneficial for developers, designers, copywriters, and remote workers.
  • 3. How does the personalized coaching in Cobra Elevate work?
    Personalized coaching involves an initial assessment to understand your unique career goals, followed by a tailored coaching plan. This plan includes customized sessions for CV and LinkedIn enhancement, along with specific career development strategies.
  • 4. What differentiates the basic program from the personalized one?
    The basic program follows a structured format suitable for general professional enhancement, while the personalized program is customized to your specific career aspirations, offering more targeted advice and strategies.
  • 5. Can Cobra Elevate assist in goal-specific career advancements?
    Yes, our personalized program is designed to address specific career goals, whether it's transitioning to a new industry, moving into remote work, or climbing the corporate ladder, providing you with tailored strategies for success.
  • 6. Is there a different approach for remote workers in the program?
    Yes, for remote workers or those aspiring to be, our program includes specific strategies and coaching to highlight skills vital for remote roles, ensuring your profile stands out to remote job employers.
  • 7. How does the Elevate program work?
    The program starts with an analysis of your CV and LinkedIn profile, followed by personalized interviews and coaching sessions to identify and enhance your professional strengths and goals.
  • 8. How long does the Elevate program take?
    The duration varies based on individual needs, but typically includes several sessions over a few weeks, tailored to efficiently meet your career objectives.
  • 9. What is included in the resume and LinkedIn optimization?
    Optimization includes a complete overhaul of your CV and LinkedIn to reflect your skills and experience effectively, aligning them with market demands and job goals.
  • 10. Can Cobra Elevate help me find a job?
    While Elevate focuses on enhancing your professional presentation and interview skills, it does not directly involve job placement but can significantly improve your job prospects.